My Bio

Kok Chin Chow started running his online business while he was only 19 years. As an Internet marketer with farsightedness, Kok Chin has helped over 100 business owners generate sales through email marketing online. Keeping pace with the ever-changing world development, he is currently working in several online perspectives, specializing in ‘‘Email List Building’’ and lead generation. The secret leading him to a successful path is undoubtedly related to his admirable mindset and abundant cognition towards online business. He is a person with an ambitious attitude, willing to spend all his passion for Internet businesses. As a result, his strong mindset and willpower become his fuels to push him into achieving such a fruitful economic result. It also credits to his recognition and knowledge of the online business model and system. More importantly, he has a worldwide vision and global connection. From numerous successful cooperation and satisfying feedback from clients, it has revealed the truth that he is an experienced and trustworthy online enterpriser.


Herein, however, lies a rub. His career is not always smooth sailing. Kok Chin, just like many other online businessmen, has also encountered lots of difficulties, from the beginning which he first started his business, to the communication problems exciting between customers with different cultural backgrounds. He started up his business from zero, tried to be scammed by customers and not having any accomplishment until the presence of a proper mentor. Although his E-Commerce started only for a short period of time and had met with countless obstacles, his innate never give up spirit plays an important role in helping him to break through all these thorny barriers. In the near future, he aims to provide his customers with the most satisfying quality of service and bridging the harmonious business relationship with every client in transactions. 

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